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About Us

 AlterControls offers a strategic and consultative approach to meeting its clients' communication, data and automation challenges. As a systems integrator of structured cabling systems, data systems, phone systems, surveillance system and menu boards, we specializing in communications, information, data and voice applications. Our goal is to ensure that the optimum solution is developed, installed and operational, when you need it.

Our Employees

 We take great pride in providing structured cabling, communication, information and automation solutions that come with extensive warranties and are capable of outperforming any other in the marketplace. With partners whose qualifications are unparalleled to the most thoroughly trained technicians in the industry, we are confident that you will have a trusted partner in AlterControls. 

Our Work

As a systems integrator, Altercontrols offers installation, service, and repairs for business phones, menu boards, network equipment and automation equipment.  We support for most major brands. Installation, Repairs, and services are provided at our business. Any type of new system can be installed for your business and for any size.  We also specialize in making different equipment brands work together to simplify systems for a company.  We also take in consideration of the growth of your company in years to come. That is something everyone wants to look forward to. Growing is a good sign.   And for a surveillance camera system that will fit and work for your company, email us.  Having the right system can not only protect your company, it can show you where you can make improvements to your employee's and customer's safety.

Products We Service and Install

Phone Systems

We service and install PBX systems and VoiP.  NEC, Talkswitch, Avaya, Meridian, Nortel and more.  Call us with your device and we can point you in the right direction.  We have technicians with backgrounds in all major brands.  And for your VoiP systems, install or service, we will be glad to help.  We handle installation for all major providers

Service Request

Structure Cabling

We install Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 6 and Fiber.  Risor, Plenum, Shielded, and Underground.  1 Drop to 300 Drops.  We do all sizes.  New installation or add-ons.

Electronic Repairs

We have electronic technicians for all service needs.  DC to AC.  We work with all voltage.  Having a electronic technician allows us to develop devices we need or repair end-of-sale items for the customer.  Making our systems integration cost effective for the customer

Surveillance Camera System

We install and service multiple brands of surveillance camera systems.  From Analog to Digital, we install the camera, cable and DVR for the customer.  And we make it work with the system you have.  If you need just 1 or 40, we will put in the system that works for you.  Not something that will be too big for what you currently need.  surveillance camera system can do more that protect you company assets.  They can show development, safety hazards, and employees that are going beyond company requirements to help customers and the company


Let us help design and install your network and network room.  We can handle the build out and installation of all the components needed.  From installing a rack and the switches, to converting that "closet" into a network room with lights, outlets and a air conditioner providing the correct humidity, which is the #1 over looked item of all network rooms.  And if you have a new office, get in touch with us.  Let us help with what you need and will grow with you.  Not a server room that was meant to run a state college and your office only has 10 computers. 

Custom Devices

Do you have a idea or need something that you do not see available?  Call us.  We have designed and manufactured products for customers.  From a 4 camera portable tower to show the progress of a job, to a portable Wifi System that can cover 4 blocks for a contractor.  We have designed and built several items that have helped customers grow.

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Serving Alabama and Georgia

We serve Alabama and Georgia.  But do installations in other parts of the Southeast.  Email us at e.whitehead@altercontrols.com


8367 Dunnavant Road, Suite 106, Leeds, Alabama 35094, United States

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